What's Sue up to

Antarctic Adventure

A long-held dream about to become a reality but LOTS to do to get ready and absolutely make the most of the opportunity. Fun, fun, fun!

It's decided. I'm Going .. Now What?

How did I navigate the icy waters and potentially frigid options to choose my Antarctic trip??

Equipment Options

Drysuit & Thermal Wear! If you are going to contemplate physically getting into the freezing waters of the Polar regions ... better make sure you can stay warm.

Quick Trip to the Poor Knights, NZ

Quick trip to celebrate with friends and go diving in one of the most beautiful places on earth and more practice in my drysuit. Why say no.

Trimming Up with GUE Fundamentals

The GUE Fundamentals course is all about preparation: teamwork, buoyancy, trim, task loading. The fundamental skills required to go further, explore. Now, in light of my upcoming expedition, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more.

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