Ok this was it. I pressed ‘enter’ and the deposit disappeared off the screen. No turning back now...

I sat for a moment, hardly believing it was actually happening.
After all the years of wishing and wanting and reading and hoping ... it was finally my turn.
Everyone has different wishes - we might have a very long bucket list but there’s usually a biggie at the top. The ONE.
After years of wanting, getting to dive under ice in Antarctica was actually, really and truly going to happen..

Quietly I sat looking at the screen for a  few more moments... and then I got to work....

You’re never too old. At 56, I was definitely going to prove that phrase to be true.
I needed time, help and preparation - where to start?

Turned out, for someone who’d wanted to do this for a long time - I was surprisingly short on actual, factual, logistical detail!

Obviously I needed to change that!
Join me on my journey - the good, bad (hopefully nothing too awful), funny and wonderful moments as I gear myself up and learn exactly what is required to safely and successfully dive under the ice - at any age!

What's Sue up to. Practice makes perfect. During my GUE Fundamentals course to improve buoyancy and trim skills
Practice makes perfect. With my new Waterproof drysuit I want to feel as comfortable as possible