Where to start - Drysuit & Thermal Wear!

If you are going to contemplate physically getting into the freezing waters of the Polar regions to take a look around ... better make sure you can stay warm.

I had an old drysuit in the garage - neoprene and still going strong. However, as much as I loved my old suit, it wasn't going to cut it in Antarctica. Still great for local diving, not so much in freezing cold water. Neoprene is also bulky, dries slowly and is not necessarily the best option for travel.

Whilst this trip is a long held dream of mine - the reality is, it's a two week holiday. Whatever I buy, the garments I consider, I want to be able to use them for many years to come.

What's Sue up to - testing her new drysuit :-)
Testing out my new drysuit - first in the pool & then in the ocean

Here is a quick video blog on my initial gear choices:

I took all my carefully chosen equipment to be assessed prior to my GUE Fundamentals course. Duncan, Owner and GUE Instructor, decides, despite mostly minor differences, it's probably easier to use one of his GUE set ups for the course. It's a standard thing.

With my set of borrowed equipment, I pack it all up and prepare for New Zealand to try it out prior to my Fundamentals course. Hopefully I will feel comfortable in it.