Having completed, and passed, my GUE Fundamentals Course (with the Tech Pass to complete after Antarctica!) and having used all Dive Centre Bondi's rental equipment. It made me take another look at my own current gear and reevaluate my initial decision.

Firstly, my current harness had a soft travel back, the harness straps themselves were not as flexible and I had only two small weight pockets. I decided an upgrade was needed!

Bearing in mind, everything I have chosen so far has been with my future diving in mind (apart from a few obvious freezing cold water items like a 10mm hood!) and if I wanted to upgrade, my new equipment would essentially need to carry me forward in any other dive training or situation I expected to do.

There are several options for what I was looking at, I settled on Halcyon Dive Systems because:

  • I'd used it and liked it. It was comfortable and fully adaptable.
  • It was readily available in Australia for ongoing servicing, spare parts etc - some other very good brands, like OMS, are not.
  • I knew Liam Allen, a previous OZTek speaker, expedition diver & GUE Instructor well, and trusted his judgement on the best set of equipment for me going forward, not just to advise me on something short term for Antarctica.

This is what Liam had to say:

Specific Antarctic Regulator set up

Waterproof Expeditions has been excellent at providing all the information I need to prepare. I asked how the regulators were set up and this is the diagram they sent me ...

Waterproof Expeditions Antarctic diving regulator setup
Waterproof Expeditions Antarctic diving regulator setup

And here is how it turned out:

Now I simply have to take my split regulators for a dive and see how I get on!